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Websites related to Speech, Language and Communication

Speech Pathology Australia Association
The national body for the speech pathology profession in Australia.

Speech Pathology Australia Fact Sheets
Fact sheets available from the national body for the speech pathology profession in Australia.

ICAN is the children’s communication charity based in the UK. “We are experts in helping children develop the speech, language and communication skills they need to thrive in a 21st century world. Our vision is a world where all children have the communication skills they need to fulfil their potential. Our mission is that no child should be left out or left behind because of a difficulty speaking or understanding.”

Hanen Centre
The Hanen Centre provides parents, caregivers, early childhood educators and speech-language pathologists with the knowledge and training they need to help young children develop the best possible language, social and literacy skills. This includes children with or at risk of language delays and those with developmental challenges such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, including Asperger Syndrome.

Caroline Bowen Speech-Language Therapy
A well respected Australian Speech Pathologist. Many great articles and resources.


Websites related to Stuttering

Australian Stuttering Research Centre
The purpose of the Australian Stuttering Research Centre is to establish and disseminate knowledge about stuttering and its treatment.


Websites related to Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Childhood Apraxia of Speech
The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit publicly funded charity whose mission is to strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia so that each child is afforded their best opportunity to develop speech and communication.

Max’s House
Max’s House is a private speech pathology clinic specialising in the treatment of complex speech disorders including childhood apraxia of speech. 


Websites related to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is Australia’s leading service provider for autism and other disabilities.

Raising Children Network
A popular Australian parenting website.

Social Stories
The Gray Center has historically shared the Social Story philosophy, responding to autism one person at a time. A Social Story accurately describes a situation, skill, or concept according to defining criteria, with a content, format, and voice that is descriptive, meaningful, and physically, socially, and emotionally safe for the person for whom the Story is developed (usually a child with Autism).

TEACCH Approach
TEACCH® Autism Program developed the concept of the “Culture of Autism” as a way of thinking about the characteristic patterns of thinking and behavior seen in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Tony Attwood
This website is a guide for parents, professionals and people with Asperger’s Syndrome and their partners.
In this site you will find issues related to Asperger’s Syndrome, resources, resource papers Tony has authored, related topics and Tonys presentation schedule.


Websites related to the School Curriculum

Board of Studies – Years K-6 English Syllabus
A link to the governments English Syllabus for Years K-6

Board of Studies – Year 7-10 Syllabuses
A link to the governments English Syllabus for Years 7-10

NSW Department of Education and Communities: NSW Literacy Continuum K-10
Expectations of literacy development in children according to their year group.


Parenting Website

Kidspot Australia
A popular Australian parenting website.

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