When To Refer

All parents want the best for their children and most know instinctively if all is not well with their own child’s development. Research shows that when parents have concerns about their child’s development, they’re usually right.

While every child develops their talking and listening skills at different rates, there is a general pattern to development. You might be advised by a friend, relative or non speech pathology professional that your child is too young for an assessment or to use the ‘wait and see’ approach before seeking advice from a speech pathologist.  This may not be appropriate advice. Remember… Early intervention is the key in achieving best outcomes for children.

Follow your instincts!

You may need to seek help from a speech pathologist if:

•Family members are concerned about your child’s speech or language
•Your child is frustrated when trying to communicate
•Your child is having difficulty understanding what is said to him/her, or following instructions
•Your child is not using single words by 18 months of age
•Your child is not using 2 word sentences at 2½ years of age
•Your child’s speech is difficult to understand at 3 years of age
•Your child’s is not speaking in complete sentences or can’t follow instructions you give verbally by 3½ – 4 years of age
•Your child’s speech is nasal or husky
•Your child’s speech is hesitant or dysfluent (stuttering)
•Your child is experiencing difficulty learning to read

See our ‘Developmental Norms’ section for further information about what the guidelines are for children’s communication development.

Do not hesitate to contact Communicare for a no obligation chat about your child.

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